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In space, the Speedmaster Professional Series is not only the only watch worn on the moon is more helped save Apollo 13 astronauts, NASA was awarded the "Snoopy Award" (Snoopy Award).
In 1900, the Paris World's Fair. Omega style series for its outstanding performance won the highest honor awarded by the International Committee of assessment, the fame of the Greek temple (Greek Temple) carved table is one of pure gold.
In sports, the Omega is the Olympic Games (including requiring extremely accurate and swimming competitions projects) and in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, held auto racing-team tournament (CART) specified timing devices.
In terms of technology and design, not only has numerous Omega replica watches accurate records, and excellent design, pioneered a number of technologies, such as the manufacturing center of the world's first tourbillon watch.
Omega World, superior quality watches only be demonstrated in over 130 countries, senior windows.
In 1952 , Omega released a new watch , showing the avant-garde and enduring design concept , this is the Constellation Manhattan watch. In the world today is known as the " claws " design makes it one of the worldwide highly recognizable watches . This unique design not only enhances the appearance of the extraordinary beauty of the watch , at that time also reflects the high functionality: claws the sapphire crystal and gasket firmly fixed on the case, thus ensuring the watch waterproof characteristics.
The first functional considerations for the introduction of the " claws " design, with its distinctive style of the constellation watch widespread played an important role , its significance beyond people 's imagination - " claws " has become the definition of this watch series logo. An indisputable fact is: If you take away most of the watch dial , only experts and enthusiasts can distinguish watch watch brands and models . However, the Omega Constellation series is not the case , even in the more remote , at any angle , can be easily recognized.
Constellation 95 and " my choice "
1995 was another year of Constellation landmark . This year, omega replica uk began to cooperate with its celebrity ambassadors . As one of the important one , supermodel Cindy Crawford and Omega watches experts involved in the design of a selection process among the Constellation series also became known as the " Cindy - Crawford choice ." It was early Constellation watches 95 series since the launch date , this series has become one of the world's Omega watches fans favorite . With the passage of time , Cindy - Crawford 95 for the Constellation series captured the eventual development of advertising for the Omega , " my choice " theme of the campaign : the world-famous celebrity ambassadors Omega brand image located on a poster or print ads, 95 next to the Omega Constellation watch series image , a line of simple text straight into the theme: " my choice ."
Development and Innovation : 2009 Design and recycling
The next stage of the development of a high degree of popularity and recognition Omega Constellation watch is designed for the entire family recycling, which will become in 2009 the world's most anticipated new releases one of the activities .
The new 2009 series of inherited early Constellation replica watches uk rich "family characteristics ." 6:00 position is located in the constellation star emblem logo dial , the famous " claws " design can be improved and enhanced. People familiar with the bracelet still transverse links , but this "Mono Rang" new bracelet with butterfly buckle , after redesigning greater improved wearing comfort .
Compared with previous watches , watches are also unique constellation 2009 many new features. Eye-catching and eye-catching dial with silver , champagne, white mother of pearl , black or brown to choose from, followed the 2008 release of "Omega 160th anniversary of " Constellation commemorative watch eye-catching design features, the dial decorated with star emblem location pattern divergent light rays . Triangular arch pointer or rhodium plated material, or covered with luminous coating 18K red gold or gold material .
The new 2009 series of all Constellation watches are waterproof to 100 meters.
Almost unlimited choice
Omega Constellation released 2009 series can be described as an unprecedented scale . Features and designs to further enhance the dial and diamond offers more choices. This new watch collection will surely attract a broader target group - everyone can find at least a new constellation watch suitable to wear . And Constellation , like all previous models , the new constellation watch both highlight the elegance , yet sporty style . The new design of the Constellation watch has five styles to choose from : diameter 24 mm , 27 mm , 31 mm , 35 mm and 38 mm . 24 mm and 27 mm models equipped Omega 1376 quartz movement ; 35 mm quartz movement or style configuration 1532 2500 Omega coaxial movement ; 31 mm and 38 mm respectively configured styles unique revolutionary Omega 8520 / 8521 coaxial machine core and 8500 / 8501 coaxial movement .
Tradition of excellence , perfection continues Omega glorious tradition as an important core element of Constellation watch designs to the new upgrade in 2009, a new series, very modern , bloom infinite vitality. As a valued member of the world-renowned brand new Constellation series , Omega Constellation 2009 Series to its original style , excellent design and technical innovation have made a perfect interpretation .